July 29, 2013

Wedding Day Dress Up

The bride and groom will certainly be dressed to dazzle on their memorable day. But for those of you that have an eye for the extraordinary, your tables will be dressed beautifully as well.

The linens chosen for your reception will lend to the ambiance you have envisioned for your special day. But before you can dress up your dining-scape, you will want to have your venue, theme, and your intended guest count already in place. Once those elements are in order, you should work through the following details:

  • Do you want a sweetheart table, a bridal party head table, or all guests intermingled?
  • What style of tables do you want; rounds or banquets?
  • Does your venue or caterer offer tables?
  • Does the venue or caterer offer linen for your tables?
  • What are the size of those tables and how many guests can be seated at each of them? This information will be necessary when ordering your linens so that you know the correct size and the proper amount to order.
**Helpful Reminder: Don't forget to order linens for all of your tables; i.e. sign-in table, cake table, gift table, cocktail tables, etc.**

After you've answered the above questions and are ready to move on to linen choices, consider the venue you have chosen. What does the room itself give you to work with when it comes to color, style, and architecture? This will, of course, play into the color palette you will want to choose from and the type of decor chosen to jazz up your tables. 

Likewise, you will want to consider how all of your table elements, such as centerpieces, tableware, and napkins, will look against your linen choice. Determine if you want to go bold or stay with a neutral palette. 

Lastly, figure out what style of linen you want, whether it be sheer, lace, satin, or solids, among countless others. Additionally, decide whether or not to layer up. Ideally, your wedding planner, florist, and/or linen provider will be able to offer helpful opinions when you start working through your linen planning process. 

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