December 27, 2010

Catering Tips: Table Setting

A table, set before an event begins, can present a stunning image as guests arrive:

Photo courtesy of Allison Reiz Photography
Properly setting a table is simple and logical. From left to right the placement is salad fork, dinner fork, dinner plate (and charger, napkin, and/or soup bowl if desired), dinner knife (blade facing the plate), and soup spoon. The water glass sits directly above the knife, to the right of the dinner plate. Additionally, you may add a white wine glass to its right and a red wine glass above and center of the two other glasses. If using a bread-and-butter plate, place it above the forks, to the left of the dinner plate. A dessert fork (with its tongs pointing to the right) as well as a dessert spoon (with its bowl pointing to the left) may also be placed on the table, straight above the dinner plate.

Happy dining (and happy New Year)!

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